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Why is The New Zealand School Jakarta the best school for your child?

While moving to Jakarta the first thing that parents are challenged with is finding a suitable school for their child. We want our children to be part of a community, surrounded by like-minded people who share similar values and have an internationally recognized curriculum. Parents as well as teachers of New Zealand School Jakarta shared 4 reasons why NZSJ is the right school for your child.

1. We are relational teachers who genuinely care about your child

We have a team of dedicated, passionate and well qualified teachers who are here to support you and your child. We are small enough in size to give your child the individual care and attention they need.

2. We teach the NZ curriculum which is highly rated throughout the world for preparing students for life

Our school provides inquiry based project learning and we have amazing rates of academic progress particularly in literacy and mathematics. Additionally, we value the Indonesian language and culture whilst entwining N.Z Maori culture. In other words, we are an inclusive school that prepares students for the 21st century.

3. We care for your children’s holistic education: Mind, body, soul

Our school promotes and teaches healthy social and emotional literacy programmes. We provide opportunities for students to share their talents, gifts and progress. Also, we host many special events including performance based events and support our children's extracurricular activities.

4. We communicate with parents often and in a meaningful way

Our school is a type of community where we treat our staff, teachers, students and parents as our small family. We care about our family and we make sure to communicate with parents often on their child’s progress and potential.

Those are 4 reasons you and your child should be part of our family!

To be a a part of our small and nurturing family and to understand how New Zealand School Jakarta educators keep children motivated and engaged, contact us at or call us on +62 813 1196 3782 and we will set up a personal meeting with a member of our academic team.

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