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How Students Can Benefit From Online Learning

While countries are fighting the outbreak of COVID-19, almost 80% of children nationwide were out of school at the same. As the whole world was going through unexpected school cancellation and sudden online teaching arrangements, both parents as well as teachers had to adapt quickly with these drastic changes. Certainly there have been challenges and not all children have seen the same benefits as others from this experience, but let's take a look on the bright side and consider how virtual classes have brought their own positive results and have had some benefits for children.

1. Introverted students became active

It is well-known that introverts avoid being put on the spot and joining discussions. Parents and teachers try their best to make the resilient child less shy and more outspoken. Introverted students are not great talkers and the offline school puts them in their unfavorable condition. Studies have shown that online learning is a valuable tool for introverts, it allows them to communicate on their own terms and be on equal footing with their extroverted classmates.

2. Parents became more involved in their children's education

Parents play a huge part in their child's success and achievements. In fact, studies show that children do better at school when their family is involved in their studies and become their personal learning coach. As a result, students become more confident and successful after receiving constant support and encouragement from their parents. Learning from home gave parents the opportunity to learn and understand what their children were learning in school.

3. Flexibility

Children learn at different paces and in different ways. Online learning allows children to work at their own pace and allows for more flexibility and responsibility over their own schedule and learning environment.

4. Improving ICT skills

Young children being forced into a situation where they need to communicate online, join video calls, upload work and research online has given many children a better understanding of ICT and how to use the internet. This also provided teachers and parents a good opportunity to teach children about using the internet safely.

5. Students appreciated their offline school

Last but not least, a benefit of virtual classes is that children realized how much their school, teachers and classmates mean to them. They are so eager to go back to school, play football with their peers, run towards the canteen and make the most out of their school days.

These are 5 ways children have benefited during their virtual school experience. What other benefits did online learning bring to your children? Share your own experience with us 🙂

To understand how New Zealand School Jakarta educators keep children motivated and engaged during online learning, contact us at or call us on +62 813 1196 3782 and we will set up a personal meeting with a member of our academic team.



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