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NZSJ Summer Camp 2024


Kiwi Camp

Age : 2-12 years old

Date : 19-29 June 2024

Time : 8.30AM-12PM

Price : IDR5,000,000

With tailored activities for each age group, there is something for everyone. From art, music, sports, STEM and outdoor fun, our camp promises to be an enriching experience where children can explore, learn and create unforgettable memories.

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Swimming Camp

Age : 4-12 years old

Date : 24-28 June 2024

Time :  Beginner : 1-2PM

Intermediate : 2-3PM

Price : IDR1,600,000

Make a splash activity with our swimming camp program designed for kids! Safe, certified instructors guide small groups through playful water games, songs, and colorful toys, building confidence and basic skills like kicking, floating, and breathing. Watch them blossom from anxious tots to water-loving mini-fish as they celebrate every victory, big or small. Short, themed sessions keep them engaged, and a final graduation ceremony caps off their aquatic adventure. So grab your towels, dive into fun, and watch your little guppies shine! Children should bring a swimsuit, goggles, a towel and a water bottle.


English Camp

Age : 7-16 years old

Date : 19-25 June 2024 (5 Days)

Time :  Age 7-11AM = 10AM-12PM

Age 12-16 = 1-3PM

Price : IDR2,000,000

Embark on a linguistic journey this summer with our "Around the World Adventure" ESL course! From June 19th to 25th, join us at NZSJ for an enriching week of exploration and learning. Led by our Lead Secondary Teacher, Mr Jack, our program offers dynamic sessions from 10am-12pm for younger learners aged 7-11, and 1pm-3pm for students aged 12-16. Dive into a world of language and culture as students craft informative guides about their home countries (ages 7-11) or dream travel destinations (ages 12-16). Through immersive activities, participants will hone their English skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening while fostering global citizenship and appreciation for diverse cultures. Don't miss this chance to make friends, expand horizons, and ignite a passion for language!

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