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Learning Through Play: 5 Cool Ideas to Try at Home With Your Child

Learning through play is an approach to learning that encourages children to explore, experiment, discover and problem solve while using their imagination and creativity. Here are some cool ideas you can try at home with your young children:

1. Build a fort. Do you have a spare blanket or bed sheet? Help your child create an area that is a hideaway for them to play and read in. 

2. Construct a tower. Build a tower using materials in your home. For example; lego, blocks, boxes, straws, spaghetti, paper or playing cards. 

3. Use your senses. Set up a sensory table with various textures and materials. Allow your child to play, draw, write letters and have fun. Use shaving cream, dry noodles, beads, flour, slime, water, sand or any other safe material.

4. Play with toys and dress-up. Encourage your child to make up a story and be imaginative about the setting, characters, problems and solutions. Join in with this play allowing them to lead the dialogue and direction of the storyline.

5. Discover the outdoors. Is there a quiet area to play outdoors around the area you live in? Your child can explore the stones, leaves, flowers or trees, etc. The textures and sensory opportunities are limitless. Make sure you always supervise them.

If you would like some guidance or resources for supporting your child’s learning at home, contact us at or call us on +62 813 1196 3782 and we will set up a personal meeting with a member of our academic team.

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