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School Fees

School Fees

NZSJ is fully committed to a fair and transparent fees policy.  As a school we aim to support our whãnau by providing fee structures and payment plans to suit everyone in our community.  We publish our fee structure in advance of each academic year and all fees are payable in Indonesian Rupiah.

2023-2024 Fees (IDR, million)

Total Fees - Indonesian Student

Annual Plan
Half Year Plan
Termly Plan
Pre-School (8AM-12PM)
Pre-School (8AM-14PM)
Grade 1 to 6
Grade 7 to 12
Notes on Fees:
  1. An Application Fee is paid once only upon enrolment and is non-refundable. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Application Fee is 4.0 IDR/million (for Early Years) and 5.0 IDR/million (for Primary School and Secondary School).
  2. The Annual Development Levy (ADL) is paid for a full year and pro-rated by term only when a student joins NZSJ part-way through an academic year.
  3. If tuition is unpaid after the due date published in the invoice, the School will impose a 2% late payment penalty per month. If tuition continues to not be paid after one month, the School may enforce a policy that prohibits class attendance and/or the release of grades, transcript, or other records of attendance and performance.
  4. Additional fees: School buses, catering/canteen, uniforms, after-school activities/camps and examination fees for Secondary students incur separate fees. Please refer to School administration for these additional fees.
Refund Policy
  • ADL and Application fee are non-refundable.
  • Tuition refund is at the discretion of the school and considered if evidence is provided that the student is leaving the country.
  • Other cases of hardship may be considered as required.
School Pricing Discount Policy
The following discounts are offered under the circumstances stated.
Multi-Year ADL Discount
  • Families who pay for three or more years in advance will receive a 50% discount on the ADL.
Family Discount applied as follows:
  • Second Sibling receives a 5% discount on Tuition Fees.
  • Third Sibling will receive a 10% discount on Tuition Fees.
  • Fourth Sibling will receive a 10% discount on Tuition Fees.
Referral Discount
The referral discount will be deducted from next month’s tuition – one month off the youngest child’s tuition for every new family enrolled for a year (less than a year will be prorated per term - i.e. if new family pays for one term, referring family will get one week off; two terms = two weeks off, etc. up to a year = four weeks off)
Please contact us for any questions on Fees or Payment Terms.

Download School Fees Sheet

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