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Learning Support Services

NZSJ is committed to providing the best learning support for all children. Children identified with special learning needs and disabilities will be assessed to see whether we can provide the appropriate support for them. The school provides a number of specialist programmes that address barriers to learning for those in need and who fit our resourcing abilities.
We request that parents of children with special learning needs or disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with the School early on so that we can determine if we are able to support your child as he/she needs. Our ability to do so may depend on your child's precise needs, as well as to which class/grade the child intends to join.

As part of the application process, parents will be asked to provide a copy of a recent Psychologist’s or medical report for the child. If one is not available, the School may be able to refer a partner Child Psychologist or General Practitioner to undertake an assessment. The School will then have an open and constructive discussion with parents as to what adjustments may need to be made if the child is to be accepted as a student in NZSJ. 

Ultimately, we believe that each child can realise their individual potential and contribute positively to our community and we hope to be able to support your child in the ways needed to help her/him thrive.
Please contact us for more information if you believe your child may need an individual learning support programme.
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