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College Students
Our Pre-University programme gives students who are going into Grade 11 the opportunity to choose between multiple pathways to University. In collaboration with other online educational institutions, we offer a blended learning experience catered for your individual needs and pathways.
Students will be part of the NZSJ community and benefit from the range of activities on offer at our school. They will participate in leadership and community service programmes and take their academic qualifications online with a pathway to university that suits their individual needs. This blended learning programme will: 
  • Give students a head start and prepare them for University. 
  • Offer opportunities to continue their studies in Jakarta or overseas. 
  • Provide opportunities for leadership and community service.
  • Provide flexibility and keep your choices open in a time of change and uncertainty.
  • Allow students to be involved in a tight-knit community.
Remote Learning
Currently, students can choose between 2 pathways. The first option is a Pre University Foundation programme, where students have the ability to fast track their studies and complete their bachelor's degree one year early in Indonesia or overseas. The second option is A Levels, which sets students up for University enrollment all over the world.

Contact us to see if we offer the right pathway for you. 


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