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Make a splash activity with our swimming camp program designed for kids! Safe, certified instructors guide small groups through playful water games, songs, and colorful toys, building confidence and basic skills like kicking, floating, and breathing. Watch them blossom from anxious tots to water-loving mini-fish as they celebrate every victory, big or small. Short, themed sessions keep them engaged, and a final graduation ceremony caps off their aquatic adventure. So grab your towels, dive into fun, and watch your little guppies shine! Children should bring a swimsuit, goggles, a towel and a water bottle.

 Rules for swimming camp :

·   If it rains, no make up class. should there be heavy rain or thunderstorms, swimming classes will be cancelled at that time

·   1 class (session) maximum 5 people

What to Bring:

Please ensure your child comes prepared for swimming lessons with the following:

·      Appropriate Swimwear

·      Swimming Goggles

·      Towel

·      Shower supplies as needed

·      Swim cap (for long hair)

Group Placement

Each class will be divided into two groups based on their swimming abilities. This approach allows us to tailor instruction to the individual needs of our students, providing a more personalized and effective learning experience.


Coach Profile:

Our swimming instructor will be Ms. Jessica. Ms Jessica has years of experience teaching swimming to a variety of ages and abilities. Her passion for water safety and her ability to create a positive and supportive learning environment make her the perfect fit for our programme. She  will assess each student and place them in the appropriate group. As a starting place, we would like to know from you about your child’s swimming experience and capabilities.

Swimming Camp

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