Online learning during Covid-19

2020 has been a year of change and uncertainty. Educators have had to adjust and be creative to support their student’s learning and wellbeing. With virtual learning, children may not have their usual opportunities to interact, socialise and engage with others and with extracurricular activities. Keeping them motivated to learn from home during this period of time can be challenging. Home is generally associated with spending time with family, playing games, sleeping, eating, watching television or relaxing. They have suddenly been asked to think of home as a place where their formal education takes place too. This psychological leap can be difficult to make. In a moment when we feel we do not have much control of the events unfolding around us, providing a sense of control and autonomy over our own learning can be powerful. To this end, NZSJ's academic team has designed a virtual learning program that is personalised and approachable for children.

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