New Zealand School Fill Your Basket ONLINE summer school programmes

June 8th - July 17th 2020

What is the NZS Three Ketes approach?


Kete, the Maori word for a woven basket, symbolizes a traditional pedagogy still used in New Zealand. The original Three Kete’s of mind, body, and soul, are based on a Maori legend which was adapted for greater use in New Zealand education models. In the legend, the Three Kete’s were used to carry knowledge to the Maori people. Educationally, we consider knowledge as treasure each child can fill their basket with at school and then bring home.


Our Fill Your Basket programme bases itself in this tradition, offering knowledge that enriches our senses, our perception of what lies beyond our senses, our connections with one another, and our understanding of the patterns in life, symbolized in the Three Ketes, for each child to fill their basket with.


How does this translate to OUR summer school programmes?


Our whanau model aims to value and be a part of the preservation of Maori and local culture here in Indonesia.  The whanau groupings (pod groups) places our students across grades so your child will be in the most appropriate social and developmental environment to support their learning.


NZS Summer School Groups:

Early Years:            1.5 – 6 years old

Grades 1 – 4:         6 – 10 years old

Grades 5 – 8:         10 – 14 years old


We have a very collaborative and supportive approach to learning across all key school stakeholders.  The Kaiako or whaea (teachers) and Kaumatua (the community and respected elders) work closely together (mahi tahi) with the tamariki (children).  Each week families will receive a learning schedule.  With our flexible all access pass, families can choose how much or how little they participate each day.  The autonomy of selection allows students to be self-directed and responsible for their own learning.


The typical student day involves coming together at various times in the meeting house or virtual classroom (the Wharenui) with the teacher followed by separating into other learning areas (whare wananga - houses of learning).  


From June 8th - July 17th 2020 our student day starts at 9am and will finish at 4pm (if you choose the full day programme) from Monday to Friday.


Every week all classes will have a learning theme such as Around the World or We’re So Colourful.  We’ll then explore four key learning areas each day:

Building The Mind: Think, Consider, Problem Solve

Our Early Years classes could be exploring science and messy play while our older students may be focusing on photography or coding among other exciting experiential areas


Building The Body: Move, Perform, Build

Students will experience activities such as spin and sway, scavenger hunts and choreographed dance


Building The Soul: Reflect, Breathe, Connect

Learners may be involved in storytelling, art and craft, meditation, blogging and vlogging and many other areas where they can learn new skills


Build The Imagination: Play, Dream, Believe

All our learners will dive into imagination through craft, arts, doodling, sketching – there will be no limits!