We are driven by our goals and values.

At NZSJ, our goal is to provide an exceptional education for all our children to help them grow into happy and resilient individuals who are lifelong learners that grow to contribute positively to our world. The following are some of our key values:


  • Education is key to a fulfilling life and the classroom is only one place where education takes place. This means that we promote learning inside and outside of school and consider academic, life and emotional skills equally.

  • The whanau (larger family consisting of parents, guardians, relatives, and broader community) is central to a child's mental/intellectual, emotional and physical growth. Thus, as a school, we must partner with a child's whanau to support their positive growth. This means working closely with parents and others who are important in a child's life to respond to their different learning needs.

  • We recognise our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet and aim to raise children who are internationally ­minded, celebrate differences and respectful of all beings.

  • We believe children should be allowed to "be children". In today’s fast-paced world, where children seem to grow up so quickly, we want to give them the opportunity to slow down and be kids. In practice at NZSJ, this means that we encourage children to wander freely in their imaginations, learn by playing and doing (with lots of outdoor time), and – as they grow older – provide them with access to age-appropriate learning and resources.

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