Our Goal and Values

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide an exceptional education for all our children as well as the support, challenges and experiences they need to grow into happy and resilient lifelong learners. 


Who do we serve and who do we partner with?


First and foremost, we serve our students. They are the ones for whom we are here. This means that we are always in service to the best interests and physical, mental and social wellbeing of the child.

We recognize that serving our students and nurturing children ‘takes a village’. For this reason, we partner with the ‘whānau’, a Maori term for extended family or community. In practice, this means working closely with parents, guardians and families as the main asset in their children’s lives.


Families who opt to partner with us and send their children to NZSJ are:


  • Progressive in how they view education. They are not attached to rote learning, memorization or benchmarks, but rather to having their children ‘learn to learn’ and learn to love learning. They believe in continuous learning, even as adults!

  • Active in their children’s education, while trusting us to do our job. This means that they are ready to collaborate with us to identify and respond to their child’s needs and are looking for a relational connection (not a transactional one) with us as their child’s educator.

  • Open-minded, respectful of everyone, friendly and constructive. 

  • Supportive of us and open to contributing their time and energy to our community.  


To provide the best education to our students, we also partner with third-parties that provide services to strengthen our school ecosystem. Those we partner with provide the best product or service at a reasonable price, and are transparent, honest, communicative and fair.