5 Reasons to Join Us!

A first-class education with a whole lot of heart!

1. NZSJ puts students at the centre of teaching and learning and sees children as whole human beings.


Children have intellectual needs, social­-emotional needs, physical needs, as well as the need for the development of character that must be met. In practice, this means that the child is the starting point for lesson plans and teachers develop learning modules that are appropriate to an individual child’s learning needs (and our smaller classes mean that this can be managed effectively). It also means that, as we build a child­-centered, whole child programme, we are thinking about not just filling the mind, but filling the heart as well. Character education is so critical and intertwined throughout the NZSJ experience giving children many opportunities to develop and shine. Our teaching models provide children with access to their preferred learning style and encourage a positive and stimulating environment for growth.

2. NZSJ is an international school and multicultural at heart.


While applying the New Zealand Curriculum supplemented with other teaching programs, NZSJ is an international school and multicultural at heart. Currently, we have teachers from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Indonesia, and our student base reflects over 20 different nationalities. NZSJ sees the opportunity for our children to befriend people from all over the world as second to none. And we love the fact of being in Jakarta, Indonesia! We welcome and love our Indonesian students and we also believe that we have a responsibility to encourage a love and appreciation for Indonesia across our community. We do this by integrating learning about Indonesia (language and culture) both inside and outside of the classroom.


3. Our smaller size (compared to Jakarta’s other international schools) means more attention and a warm environment for your children.


NZSJ’s smaller size allows our teachers to really get to know your children and ensure that individual needs are met. This means that no one is left behind and both introverted and extroverted children can shine. Outside of the classroom, our professional and warm staff are proud to know our students by name.


4. NZSJ offers a strong sense of community.


Jakarta is a dynamic city that has a lot to offer. But it can also be very isolating at times. In a city such as this, having a warm, friendly community that shares similar values around family, friendship and learning in a global world can make all the difference to your children and your experience of life in this big city. Besides a nurturing school environment for the kids, our parents get to know each other and like to stay after drop-off for a chat and a coffee together. We are also currently offering other activities for the community, including English classes for parents every Thursday morning. Our parent workshops, market days, and other kid activities on campus mean that your family has a built-in community of friends to really make Jakarta home.


5. The location of our open-style inner-city campus is one of our greatest assets.


Situated in the heart of Kemang, a preferred neighbourhood for expatriates with families in Jakarta, our school is conveniently located and easy to access. We are right off a main road but far enough that our campus is quiet, spacious and airy amongst the dense Jakarta living! We welcome you to come and have a look.

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